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The End
11-22-2014, 02:17 AM
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Exclamation The End
Today at 3:46 PST, the command was issued to stop the server. is now officially offline.

[Image: bmwj.png]

The staff are currently finding a host that server files can be downloaded from. We will post an update on this page soon.

And hey, don't cry because its over, smile because it happened. Its the journey, not the destination, and we had one hell of a journey.

Quote:A Journey to the infinite
Destination thought about
just like in a country boat
The journey started from infinite.

Despair lies in the mind
The human nature I admit
who constituted the journey
Misfortune, despair, dizziness leads.

Psychical can it be called
Hallucination may be the cause
One thing is decided, the journey
To the infinite unto the end.

Knows despair traceable to causes
Saddest of life events passed by
The journey to trace out the eternal
Said to be relating to the self

In fact there is still hope
But in the infinite lies the hope
In this journey no companion to me
The good and bad of my deeds I am bound
To answer to the questions there.

Perpetual lies are to be objected
Perpetual misdeeds to be answered
A bundle of things I carry
Heavily it becomes a burden in the journey.

And hey, give this a listen if you're feeling sad:

12-07-2014, 07:28 PM
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RE: The End
I am in the process of uploading the server files onto mediafire.
It may be found by clicking You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
The files may take a little while to upload but they are making their way.
You can only download full folders with the pro version of mediafire so I've included a zip of each world (including nether & ends) in addition to the regular folders.
Beware.tbz contains various old worlds (including multiple versions of world), essentials/userdata, and event/region, I spent a lot of time trying to work with these files but they caused quite a struggle, if you want those files you'll have to deal with that archive.

Disclaimer - All files have been included (discluding those with sensitive info), meaning a large portion of the files may be useless to most of you. In addition, we cannot guarantee that all files will be healthy.
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