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11-03-2014, 09:21 AM
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So log on today to see that my rep is lowered by some random people, "referrals" have put others up, and that generally the whole system has been used as a toy. Alright, seems people want to act immature this week. That's fine.

Here's the thing. I know people are upset with the server closing. I can understand and relate to that. There's been a lot of work put in to the server, and it sucks that it has to close. I know I'm going to miss the things that I've built, so I know for a fact that several others are as well.

Truth is, the server has fallen apart ever since the videoed attack and its never really recovered. We've had some ups and some downs, but ever since that point it has never been what it was. Sean and the rest carried the torch for a while, which in a way was noble of them. While there were some missteps, RT as a server continued.

The current staff under gav did the same. Yes, we had some missteps. Yes, things changed. Things became different. We had some new people come in, as well as some older players. But after a while they, like some before the transfer, left.

Sinjid came up with something in staff chat a while back and I'm not sure how many people had seen it, or who he told. He had said that he had counted 52,800+ unique accounts logging on to RT. Then his browser locked up and stopped. So over 52k people have at least seen RT. Now most were, yes, on here to grief and cause mischief. That happens. but I doubt that of that number 99% did that.

The problem with the server was player retention, which didn't exist. The server was dying, and had been dying, for a while now. The decision to shut the server down wasn't an easy one. No, I haven't been on in a while. Like others, I have responsibilities that take me away from things I liked doing. And to be honest, minecraft as a whole has lost interest to me. I see it getting even worse now the Microsoft has taken it over.

And now I come to see this. In a pique of anger, someone has decided to hammer staff rep behind false IPs and names. They've decided to try to boost others since it they have heard of the server shutting down. This is immaturity at it's finest. It shows that whoever decided to do this cared less about the server than anyone else, including griefers. It's moments like this that make some of the staff members question if their time was even worth putting into the server. When something new was tried, the staff got yelled at and argued with. When ideas didn't come to immediate fruition, the staff got berated. To most of us, it became a job. Some of it was stressful. And add to that players who would go out of their way to try to make things as miserable as possible, and you can begin to see why being staff ain't all that it's cracked up to be. Some of us shrugged it off and kept going. But after a while you begin to wonder if your time is better spent somewhere else.

So, I'm not going to remove the rep. I'm going to let it stand that there is someone out there who is childish enough to hide behind false names and try to get at me. I'm going to laugh, thinking of the effort it took to go in and do this. Because to be completely honest, I know what I did for this server. I know what I built, what I worked on, and the effort I put into this server. I know the projects I've built, and the people I've met and had the opportunity to become friends with. So honestly, go ahead and downvote me. You're welcome to it. I have my own selfworth and don't need the numbers. I did what I could for this server, and had fun doing a lot of it. I'll just sit back and enjoy the memories.

Sorry to see the server go, but it's good I got to meet all of you. And happier still that I got a chance to call a lot of you friends. To me, that's enough.

To all those out there still going, keep building. If you get a server going, shoot me a message on skype or have another admin shoot it to me. I'll come visit.

Take care friends,

Ban Hammer Rides Again!!
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